Retirement Planning

PursuingYour Retirement Goals
Its never too soon to start planning

Pursuing your retirement goals requires preparation and commitment. Selecting the proper retirement savings and income distribution vehicles involves the guidance of a trained financial consultant. A Klein Investment Services Financial Consultant can discuss with you a variety of retirement planning approaches and help identify the strategies that fit your individual needs.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Traditional and Roth IRAs are a great place to save for retirement. Each has specific advantages and broad selections of investment vehicles available to you. Both Traditional and Roth IRAs offer a degree of flexibility in the event you need to interrupt your savings to fund specified items, such as purchasing a first home or funding a childs education.

IRA Rollover Accounts

Todays job market has led to employment changes for many individuals. Rollover accounts are used strictly to convert funds from qualified retirement such as 401(k)s or pension plans without assuming current tax liability.  Consolidating your former employer retirement plans allows you to take control of your investments and simplifies record keeping. With so many choices, choosing the right investments for your retirement needs takes careful research and consideration. An experienced Klein Investment Services Financial Consultant can assist you in the process.

Retirement Income Planning

Proper asset management while planning for retirement is critical. While life expectancies in the United States have been steadily increasing, the burden of accumulating and managing assets for an extended retirement also grows. A Klein Investment Services Financial Consultant can work with you to develop a plan to allocate assets and structure distributions in an effort to ensure they last as long as they are needed.