Wealth Management

Strategic Asset Management

Strategic Asset Management (SAM), is the primary account structure used with our clients. The reason for selecting this platform is simple; it allows us to hold a wide range of investment products in one account, including mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds, closed end funds and real estate investment trusts. We carefully screen each of these product areas to come up with a product mix and asset allocation that fits the goals and risk tolerance of the client we are working with.

Model Wealth Portfolios

With Model Wealth Portfolios, you can leverage the expertise and resources of LPL Financial Research and portfolio strategists including American Funds, BlackRock, Cougar Global Investments and Quantitative Advantage. Model Wealth Portfolios offer theme-based investment portfolios for a broad range of investor preferences, from income-focused to more aggressive wealth building portfolios. Each portfolio may benefit from the combination of professionally designed asset allocation strategies and rigorous mutual fund and ETP selections. The Overlay Portfolio Management Group provides the added value of ensuring that you are always invested in the most current recommended model for the investment objective and theme you have identified.

Manager Select

Manager Select is a separate account platform available through Klein Investment Services that offers high-net-worth investors the ability to access a variety of institutional portfolio managers at significantly lower account minimums. This enables clients to enjoy a higher level of specialization and service through the ownership of individual securities. Financial Consultants can choose from a broad range of portfolio managers and multiple investment styles including equity, fixed income, balanced, international, ETF, REIT and socially responsible portfolios.

Portfolio Management

We charge a flat fee per year that is based on the amount of assets we are managing for the client.  The all inclusive fee encompasses asset management, client meetings, custody of the funds, financial plans and reporting.

We chose the fee-based platform because it aligns our interests with that of the client.  As our clients accounts rise in value so does our income stream.  Our clients can be assured that we are always doing our best to grow their portfolios and only making changes in an effort to improve investment performance, not to generate a commission.

These Wealth Management platforms are made available through LPL Financial.  A Registered Investment Advisor.