Small Business Services

Working hard every day to build a strong future for your company and employees shows in the results you deliver to your customers and stakeholders. As a proud member of the business community, we are equally dedicated to pursuing the success of your business.

Klein Investment Services Financial Consultants offer access to comprehensive investment and insurance strategies customized to address the individual needs of businesses of every size in all stages of development.

Retirement Plans

Employees rank a quality retirement plan as a top priority when considering potential employers. However, according to Employee Benefits Advisor magazine, 85% of small business owners do not provide a retirement plan for their employees.

Employer sponsored plans include:


The SEP IRA is a simple and relatively inexpensive way for sole proprietors and smaller businesses to offer a retirement plan. There are no mandatory or minimum contributions, and funding is provided by the employer only.


The SIMPLE IRA also offers minimal costs and administration. SIMPLE IRAs are funded both by the employee and employer, and employer contributions are mandatory. While there is no minimum employee contribution, the employer must fully match the first 3% of deferred compensation or 2% of all eligible employee compensation.

Solo 401(k)

A good option for owner-only businesses looking to save more money than most other retirement vehicles will allow. The Solo 401(k) plan is an inexpensive way for business owners to use salary deferral and profit-sharing contributions to fund their retirement. With no mandatory or minimum contributions, the only requirements are that the owner has no other full-time employees. Spouses and equal business partners are eligible to participate.


The most commonly used employer-sponsored retirement plan, 401(k) plans are becoming increasingly affordable and more widely used by businesses of all sizes. With no mandatory or minimum contributions, many employers enjoy the flexibility of funding through employee contributions alone or a combination of employee funding and company contributions.

A Klein Investment Services Financial Consultant will work with you to tailor a strategy that addresses the company size, compensation structure and culture. We can also review and offer a competitive comparison to your existing plan. Contact us today.

Insurance Services

Insurance products offer a range of business applications, from guarding against the loss of key personnel to protecting the future of the company and personal wealth.

A report by the U.S. Small Business Administration states, at any given time, 40% of U.S. businesses are facing the transfer of ownership issue. The success with which businesses are able to navigate this transfer varies greatly as several studies report that approximately 35% of family businesses survive the first generation, while only about 15% survive to the second generation.

A Klein Investment Services Financial Consultant can offer access to specialized insurance products to ensure companies of all sizes are prepared for the future.

This material contains only general descriptions and is not a solicitation to sell any insurance product or security, nor is it intended as any financial or tax advice. For information about specific insurance needs or situations, contact your insurance agent.